2018 FSC 3 on 3 hockey inhouse league rules

2018 FSC 3 on 3 hockey inhouse league rules


  1. Games are played 3 on 3 plus a goalie
  2. ROLLER HOCKEY Games (10u, 12u, 14u, 17u and adult) are playedwith 3 15 minute running clock periods. Clock stops within 2 goals within last 2 minutes of the 3rd period. Each team has 1 team timeout per game. 8u roller hockey is played with 15 minute practice and then 3 12 minute running clock period game.
  3. DEK HOCKEY (chip, pen, beaver and cadet) Games are played with 15 minute practice and 3 12 minute running clock periods. Each team has 1 team timeout per game. Adult dek hockey is played 3 15 minute period games. Clock stoppage last 2 minutes of 3rd period within 2 goals.
  4. Regular season overtime is a 3 player shootout like the NHL. Chipmunk and 8u only will have a shootout after every game.
  5. Penaltys are penalty shots (3 penaltys by one person or a major penalty equals a game misconduct) Coaches please keep track of penalties on scoresheets.
  6. no offsides or no icing is played. ball or puck is playable off everything (walls, netting, roof, etc…)
  7. Slapshot rule all INLINE hockey players 14u, 17u and adult are only allowed to take half pull back swing for slap shot to waist. follow thru above head is allowed. penalty will be given to player that breaks this rule.
  8. 8u,10u,12u inline hockey and all dek hockey players youth and adult are allowed to take full slapshots.
  9. Game days please have parents and players wait down stairs until the game, practice, or rental has finished

10.Family SportsCenter hockey will follow the AAU SANCTIONED inline hockey rules (WWW.AAUHOCKEY.ORG)

11.Adult Teams must bring BOTH a white (HOME) and dark (AWAY) T-shirt or jersey.

12.Team captains must sign score sheet at end of EVERY GAME to authorize the score sheet for player sign in, score, and stats. coaches for youth teams keep stats for just their team. Please keep track of penaltys and mark final score of game and if OT was played. please return sheet to referee at end of the game. Mark who goalie was

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13.TEAM ROSTERS MAXIMUM OF 9 PLAYERS AND 2 GOALIES. Roster is frozen after the 2ND GAME. Players can not play for another team in same division. Exception if GOALIES are NEEDED.

14.PLAYOFFs Are single elimination and players must have played in minimum of 4 REGULAR SEASON GAMES to be eligible for playoffs. 15.PENALTYS Minor penalty = 1 penalty shot awarded to player penalty

was infracted upon Double minor penalty = 1 penalty shot plus a 2 minute power play Coincidental minors = both players in the box and play is 2 on 2. 10 minute misconduct penalty can be given game misconduct penaltys can also be given 3 MINOR PENALTYS IN A GAME = GAME MISCONDUCT FOR THAT GAME MAJOR PENALTY = 5 Minute penalty that someone on the team serves and the penalized player must leave the facility. The penalized player will get a hearing with the discipline board for a decision of a MINIMUM OF 1 GAME SUSPENSION WITH MORE POSSIBLE AND EVEN EXPOLSION FROM THE LEAGUE. FIGHTING, INTENT TO INJURE, OR ABUSE OF OFFICIAL WILL NOT BE TOLERATED.

16.Playoff Games ending in a tie play a 5 minute sudden death period running clock(clock does not stop unless time out is called) if game is still tied after the overtime period then a 3 player shootout will determine the winner.

17.Mercy Rule if 10 goal differential occurs after 2 periods the game is considered final. Teams can still play the 3rd period with a referee but score and stats are not accounted for

18.STANDINGSWinning team earns 2 points. Overtime or shootout lose team earns 1 point. Losing team earns 0 points.

19.TIEBREAKERS 2 team tiebreaker 1st Head to head 2nd Goals against 3 or more team tiebreaker 1st Goals against 2nd Head to head

20.Awards will only be given to 1st place teams and players for 9u and older. 8u roller hockey and chipmunk dek hockey all players will receive an award

21.statistics are kept by coaches please keep track of goal and 1 assist per point