We, as parents, understand the importance of providing an atmosphere in which ALL children in our community will thrive and play. In addition, we are committed to provide top-level, nationally-licensed coaches to teach your children in the programs we provide. Our league play will be designed to provide the most equal yet competitive playing environment possible.

Our Facility
The Family Sports Center has two indoor fields at our indoor complex. Our main field is 185’ X 85’ and can be converted from a turf surface (generally Oct – Mar) to a sport-court surface (generally Apr-Sept). The turf surface is used for a number of activities including, but are not limited to, soccer, flag football, lacrosse, baseball, lock-ins or birthday parties. The sport-court surface is also used for a multitude of activities as well; including futsal (hard-court soccer), basketball, hockey, volleyball, skating, and kick ball. Due to the large open surface, the main arena is perfect for dances and other events or activities.Main Indoor Field - Family Sports Center

Our smaller field, which is 110’ X 50’, is perfect for smaller-sided activities. This field maintains its turf surface the entire year and can be used for soccer, lacrosse, flag football, dodgeball, bocce, waffle ball, as well as a host of other activities for your pleasure.

We also have additional amenities including a weight room.

Please contact our General Manager, Troy Mohney, if you would like to reserve field time, schedule a private party or dance, or to hear more about our other programs – coachtroy@familysportscenter.org or call 724-482-2199.